Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Happy Tuesday y'all! My day has been busy! I finished my first month of closing in my new job. Whew! I worked through lunch so I could make it to Zumba tonight! I came home and was prepared to run, but got in bed instead and turned on the laptop. Haha. It is SUCH a nice day out though! Secretly looking forward the thunderstorms... :D

I can't believe we're to the middle of the week! Friday Aaron and I ate Lanna Thai again (I had tofu instead of chicken in my spicy red curry). Then we left Tulsa headed to Dallas! While waiting in the airport we played "Phase 10: Dice." Such nerds but a good way to pass the time.

Kayleen and David, Aaron's parents, met us at the Dallas Love Field Airport late Friday. Saturday we cheered on Kayleen for her second race! She finished 2.76 miles in 25:56 minutes for an overall average pace of 9:23 min/mile!! Way to go Kayleen!

After, I tried to run my 12 miles on Aaron's high school track. Tried being the key word. Haha. Unprepared for the heat, I finished 6 miles (with many water breaks) in 57:18 minutes. Then we went out to Mexican food where I feasted on a Taco Salad and Chips and Guacamole! Holy Moly! :D

David, Aaron, and I finished off the day by playing a round of putt putt (Kayleen was napping). Here's a few pics:

Sunday, we had a delicious breakfast. Kayleen made a breakfast cassarole and muffins! My compliments to the chef! I got a copy of the recipe and hope to be able to use it soon. Aaron and I landed in sunny (but WINDY) Tulsa around 1pm. I ran 3 miles downtown while Aaron hit some balls at the range. Ahh, perfection. Then I headed to Inner Peace Yoga for training! I am a new receptionist there. Come visit me on Sundays (3:30 Yoga for Athlete's and 5pm Power Yoga), Mondays (7:30 Yoga Jam!), and Wednesdays (7:10 Deep Stretch).

I tried sushi for the third time in my life and enjoyed it! No pictures. You can always tell when I'm starved, because if I'm not I take pictures. Haha. Yesterday was a typical monday. Yoga Jam was fun! And today was stressful. But I'm looking forward to a stress-free week and weekend.

Friday- Girls' Night @ Kiri's
Saturday- Haircut and Color   (Any suggestions on the cut?!)
Sunday- Yoga

Only 10 more days until Hawaii!!! Check out the race I'll be running here!

Remember wherever you are and whatever you have- you are blessed! Make life what you want it to be! Good night!

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